About Me

Quigley by name.  Pigley by nature.

Pigley’s Kitchen is a portmanteau riff on my surname and my piggy appetite.  Simple as that.

If not eating food, I’m usually thinking about it.  Despite the fact that I live in a country abundant with food, I spend much of my day concerned about where and when my next meal will be.  Other pastimes include purchasing cookbooks, reading cookbooks, watching food shows on TV, browsing recipes online or generally wittering on about all things food.

I have no training in food so all the food on Pigley's Kitchen will be a realistic standard for a keen amateur cook.

I am not remotely discerning when it comes to food. I love ‘good’ food,  as much as ‘bad’ food.  Food is food.  Too much cake will you give you Type 2 Diabetes, but broccoli contains arsenic.

Historically, one of my favourite meals is an Iceland Traybake (the shop, not the country), which involves purchasing several frozen components and cooking them together… usually with cheese.  This is a no-food-shame zone.  The concept of a 'guilty pleasure' is problematic. 

Whether pleasures should be 'guilty' or not, one thing I am becoming aware of is the link between the production and consumption of food and the state of our planet.  I'm not a vegan, I don't have an allotment and I still shop in supermarkets.  Nobody's perfect.  I am trying to scour my cookbooks for recipes that are planet-friendly, whether that means meat-free cooking, minimising plastic packaging, eating local and seasonal produce or all three.

Sustainable, achievable and affordable… all the -bles' but none of the preachy bullshit.