Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon | Diana Henry (SIMPLE: effortless food, big flavours)

You will have to give me the benefit of the doubt with this recipe.  The UK is currently experiencing what we call a heatwave, but is probably just our sad, brief excuse for a summer.  I am literally sat with the windows open, fanning myself as I write this.  Yet somehow I find myself roasting potatoes.

This is where I would like the benefit of the doubt.. because these roast potatoes are maybe my second favourite treatment for a roasted potato.  My favourite treatment is parboiled, sprinkled with semolina and roasted in goose fat a la Nigella, but these are vegan(ish) times and the weather is just too hot for gravy.  In this weather, I would normally just steam some Pembrokeshire Earlies and toss in some oil.  However, as the oven was switched on to make Smoky Quinoa Black Bean Falafel, the potatoes were roasted.

Diana Henry Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon Simple
Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon | Serves 6 (allegedly), or 3 greedy tatty fiends

The fresh, middle eastern vibes of the preserved lemon and mint actually go really nicely with the roasted potato, miraculously making them seem like a lighter option.  The garlic and chilli add just enough warmth to round off the flavour profile.  Diana Henry is a genius – you can always trust the Irish to know how to revolutionise but remain respectful to the humble tatty. I’ll welcome any recipe that makes roast potatoes a viable option in a heatwave. These roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon are rooted firmly in the repertoire.

Leftovers – if there are any – make a delicious potato salad for lunch.  Maybe add a sprinkle of feta or some savoury granola for added interest.

You can find this incidentally vegan recipe on p.269 of SIMPLE, available here, or Diana actually posted a chilli-less recipe in the Telegraph a few years back, so just add half a teaspoon of chilli flakes half way through roasting.

Diana Henry Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon
Seemingly ‘light’ roast potatoes, with a riff on fattoush and some smoky black bean falafel.

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