attempting to eat as much plant-based food as possible, but not beating yourself up for the odd bit of cheddar.

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Dining In

Mostly from the books but sometimes from my head.

Books for Cooks

I haven’t cooked from all of my books but I’m trying my best to.

The Grazing Shed Cardiff| Vegan Cheese burger And fries

Dining Out

Because eating shouldn’t always mean cooking…

Yotam Ottolenghi Pasta Alla Norma Ottolenghi Simple

Recommended Recipe

Pasta alla Norma

I cannot stop making this pasta dish from Yotam Ottolenghi.  If you omit the cheese, as I often do, it’s also incidentally vegan.  

The recipe is in his latest tome, Ottolenghi Simple, which I recommend you buy immediately.  I’ve included a link to the recipe in the review.  You’re welcome.

Sweet Treats

because life is too short

(although life may well be too short if you have too many sweet treats so bare that in mind)

Banana Buttermilk Bread | Claire Ptak (The Violet Bakery Cookbook)
Mograbieh Salad Sabrina Ghayour


Who said you can’t make friends with Salad?

As we enter the warmer months, it’s time to celebrate the salad in all it’s forms.

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