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My poor, long-suffering other half has had to eat many a food experiment over the years, complying with all of my culinary whims and wishes.  The one dish that I have never been able to convince him to eat is frittata or omelette – its a textural thing.  So when I found a recipe for vegan frittata while perusing Elly Pear’s latest veggie/vegan cookbook, Green, the reception wasn’t exactly rapturous.  I sold it as more a chickpea pancake quiche.  I suppose it isn’t far off Socca – the French chickpea flour pancake. He wasn’t convinced.

Elly’s vegan frittata is a basic batter made from chickpea or gram flour, water, spring onions and grated carrots with some spices, thickened in an oven-proof frying pan on the hob before transferring to the oven to finish.  I also added half a teaspoon of kala namak too. You may have to get over the fact that the batter looks like vomit.

Vegan Frittata Elly Pear Curshen The Pear Cafe Green cookbook Socca
Does anyone remember the vom-elette from Jackass? I wouldn’t YouTube it when you’re preparing this.

Kala namak, or black salt, is something that I have recently procured.  Kala namak is a sulphurous salt that lends dishes an eggy flavour (and odour) so is good for scrambled tofu and egg-less vegan frittata.  

Did it pass the frittata-phobe’s taste test? 

Yes.  The vegan frittata was a hit which is lucky considering it yields eight portions. The frittata is heavy enough that you can’t overeat it, which is always useful. It’s also got quite a lot of sweet, spicy depth from the nigella seeds and garlic powder.  We ate it variously with rocket and some garlic sriracha, drizzled with a tahini-molasses sauce and as part of a vegan spread with refried blackens and a tomato avocado salsa.  Versatile, good for cooking in advance and robust enough to travel in Tupperware – I can foresee the vegan frittata is going to be a regular Sunday batch cook. I’m already concocting ways to vary it with different veggies.

Vegan Frittata Elly Pear Curshen The Pear Cafe Green cookbook Socca
Vegan Frittata | Lovely bit o’ garnish. One piece of curly parsley away from the 1970s with my spiral of sriracha.

The only issue the other half took with the recipe was the same.  So going forward, I will call it a chickpea pancake.

This vegan frittata or chickpea pancake recipe can be found on p.154 of Green which is available on amazon, or in bricks and mortar bookshops everywhere.

Vegan Frittata Elly Pear Curshen The Pear Cafe Green cookbook Socca
A very virtuous vegan breakfast. Refried blackbeans, rocket, tom-avo salsa, vegan frittata and an iced Oatly latte.

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