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I have been eating Grazing Shed burgers consistently since they opened way back in 2013.  I’ve tried a few different things on the menu, but for me – I’m a bit of a creature of habit and so I found myself ordering the John Wayne burger time and time again.

Beef patty, Cheese, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, cajun mayo, red onion confit, ketchup, lettuce.

I am literally salivating thinking about that smoky sweet flavour sensation.  Since deciding to cut down on meat, I’ve been slowly going back to all my familiar junk-food haunts and trying their vegetarian/vegan options.  It’s been a mixed bag so far.  A vegan friend bigged up The Grazing Shed’s meat-free menu.  The menu comprises 10 beef, 7 chicken, 6 vegetarian and 6 vegan burger options, which means that 41% of the menu is meat-free.  Amazing.  

I kept it fairly classic with the Vegan Cheese burger and fries.

Veggie patty, vegan cheese, Boom Boom mayo, apple chutney and lettuce.

The Grazing Shed Cardiff| Vegan Cheese burger And fries
Vegan Cheese and fries | A generous frill of lettuce means you’re probably also getting one of your 5 a day.

I was very impressed.  The patty was really tasty, the vegan cheese adds that sticky, melted texture you want in a burger and the mayos and chutneys helped to balance the slightly spiced patty.  The bun for the vegan options doesn’t have the beautiful sheen of a brioche but it was perfectly fine.  If I was to offer any criticism, it was that the patty was quite soft.  I would prefer a bit more bite, but this wasn’t a dealbreaker.  At £6.95 – plus £4 for fries and refillable soda) – The Grazing Shed still represents great value with very efficient service – like McDonalds fast. I’ve always been content with a quick Grazing Shed as a pre-cinema bite and thankfully this can continue despite the whole vegetarian thing. Super tidy, as they say.

I think I’ll always rather a Coke Zero to their soft drinks options though.

The Grazing Shed, 1 Barrack Lane, Cardiff, CF10 2FR

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