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The Elimination Diet… or how to eliminate all joy from your life

For the uninitiated, the Elimination Diet excludes all your typical allergens from the diet. I have pretty much eliminated all nuts anyway because of concerns about a nut allergy.. but eradicating dairy, eggs, gluten, nightshades*, soy, alcohol, caffeine, legumes really doesn’t leave much to consume on a vegan(ish) diet. I can avoid bread or dairy.. but soy really is a protein packed lifeline to vegans.

Harissa Black Bean Ragout | Sabrina Ghayour (Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes)

Harissa Black Bean Ragout | Sabrina Ghayour (Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes)

With only a handful of ingredients and very little prep, the Harissa Black Bean Ragout seemed like an excellent meat-free Monday option. The black beans are even cooked straight in the pot, no soaking required. The total cooking time was about an hour and a half but most of that time was spent idly pottering around letting the pot do all the hard work.

Vegan Frittata Elly Pear Curshen The Pear Cafe Green cookbook Socca

Vegan Frittata | Elly Pear (Green)

My poor, long-suffering other half has had to eat many a food experiment over the years, complying with all of my culinary whims and wishes. The one dish that I have never been able to convince him to eat is frittata or omelette – its a textural thing. So when I found a recipe for vegan frittata while perusing Elly Pear’s latest veggie/vegan cookbook, Green, the reception wasn’t exactly rapturous. I sold it as more a chickpea pancake quiche. I suppose it isn’t far off Socca – the French chickpea flour pancake. He wasn’t convinced.

Diana Henry Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon Simple

Roast potatoes with chilli, mint and preserved lemon | Diana Henry (SIMPLE: effortless food, big flavours)

You will have to give me the benefit of the doubt with this recipe. The UK is currently experiencing what we call a heatwave, but is probably just our sad, brief excuse for a summer. I am literally sat with the windows open, fanning myself as I write this. Yet somehow I find myself roasting potatoes.

The Grazing Shed Cardiff| Vegan Cheese burger And fries

The Grazing Shed, Cardiff | restaurant review

I have been eating Grazing Shed burgers consistently since they opened way back in 2013. I’ve tried a few different things on the menu, but for me – I’m a bit of a creature of habit and so I found myself ordering the John Wayne burger time and time again. Since deciding to cut down on meat, I’ve been slowly going back to all my familiar junk-food haunts and trying their vegetarian/vegan options.