Broad bean & ricotta dip | Sabrina Ghayour (Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes)

For all I read of Nigella – and seemingly everyone else – enjoying the mundaneness of peeling broad beans, I just cannot get on board with it.  I buy the frozen broad beans that are already out of their pods, but to then have to cook and cool the beans and remove the ‘tough’ skin.  I’m sorry but no.

In the interest of giving recipes the benefit of the doubt, I found myself peeling broad beans to make a dip.  At least in a dip, you want a nice smooth texture which makes the task more worthwhile.  Other than the broad beans, you need some ricotta, spring onions and dill as well as some store-cupboard bits and pieces.

This recipe was everything I hoped it would be: creamy, zesty, grassy, light.  It is a good one to do in advance for a chips n dips party, or something of that ilk.  I wouldn’t sit there peeling broad beans mid-week. The broad bean & ricotta dip could be easily veganised swapping the ricotta for some Oatly creme fraiche or equivalent.  Next time I’ll experiment with not peeling the broad beans and compare results, but for now I’ll enjoy this delightful summery picnic offering with some leftover homemade focaccia.

Broad bean & ricotta dip | Sabrina Ghayour (Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes)
Broad bean & ricotta dip | Served, smugly, with leftover home-made focaccia.

A good alternative to avo-toast with fewer of those pesky air miles, or the basis of a top notch bruschetta and thanks to the invention of the freezer, broad beans are available all year. You can find the recipe on p.13 of Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes, available on amazon.

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