About Me

Not for the food averse.

Pigley’s Kitchen comes from a riff on my surname (Quigley) and because I could be considered a greedy pig. Simple as that.

If not eating food, I’m usually thinking about it. In fact, I spend much of my day thinking about where and when my next meal will be, watching food shows on TV, reading cookbooks, browsing recipes online or generally wittering on about all things food..

This year I decided that the grey matter between my ears, so completely saturated with gastronomy, should be put online for posterity and to ease the tested patience of everyone around me.

Pigley’s Kitchen is really a public service.

I am not at all discerning when it comes to food. I love ‘good’ food,  as much as ‘bad’ food. There are no pretensions in Pigley’s Kitchen. In fact, one of my favourite meals is an Iceland Traybake (the shop, not the country). This is a no-food-shame zone.

Happy Eating.